Anglais - Inde voix off

Find the perfect English - India voice for your voice over project.

India: one of the most culturally diverse and colourful countries in the world. This needs to be taken into account when you choose voice overs. The languages spoken in India reflect the vibrant mix of cultures that makes up the population of India. Hindi, Bengali Marathi and Punjabi are just some of the languages that you’ll hear on the streets of the cities and towns. How can you get your information across to the people of India? Do you need to be a polyglot in order to record the appropriate voice overs? Fortunately not! Before you embark on extensive language studies, simply put in a casting call and tell us who you’d like to address and how you’d like it done. You don’t even have to worry about finding someone to do the transcription of your script. Our local Indian voice over professionals will give your voice overs the authentic, local touch you’re looking for. Our turn-around time is quick – you can get your voice over in a matter of hours – and our rates are the best you can get, guaranteed.

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